Friday, September 21, 2007

How to Deal With Cowlicks in the Neck and at the Front Hairline

Everyone has a cowlick in the crown area, but some people also have one in the nape of their neck or along the front hairline (or both). We'll start off with looking at the cowlick at the nape of the neck.


Someone with a cowlick at the nape of his/her neck has what's commonly called a ducktail neckline. When the hair is short enough in the nape area, you can see the hairgrain growing up and to the side in some areas. As the hair grows, it can start flipping out in the wrong direction, not lying neatly with the rest of the hair. There is nothing you can do to change the hairgrain - that is just the way it is going to grow.

Some people have only one cowlick at the back, so it looks as though the hair sort of swirls over all to one side at the bottom of the hairline. Others have 2 cowlicks, making the hair on both sides swirl toward the center, looking like a duck's tail.

When cutting a ducktail neckline, you don't really need to do anything out of the ordinary. Just cut as though it wasn't there when dealing with fine or medium hair. However, if the hair is very coarse and straight, it may prove to be a problem. You will need to cut it very short and taper out to a long length further up the back of the head. You can do the taper either scissor-over-comb or clipper-over-comb to get the ducktail area really nice and short.

Font Hairline Cowlick

This particular type of cowlick is not entirely in the hair itself but the center of it is in the finer, transparent "peach fuzz" at the top of the forehead. The effects the hairgrain along the front hairline and is found on 5 - 10% of the population.

The best way to deal with a cowlick at the front hairline is to let the hair lie where it wants to. If you don't want your hair to lie in the direction that it wants to, you are going to need extra length. You can do this in 2 ways:

  • Cut the entire top section 1 inch longer than you usually would.

  • Leave the first 2 inches of hair (behind the front hairline) longer. Blend it in with the rest of the top when you've finished cutting.

The easiest way, of course, is to go with the natural hairgrain of the hair rather than try to fight it. The famous model, Claudia Schiffer, has not one, but 2 cowlicks at her front hairline. She deals with it by wearing her hair longer and having it styled to compliment, rather than trying to hide the little erratic hairgrain areas. So ..... go with the flow, don't fight it!


Robert said...

Ah ha! This is the first time I've ever seen anyone mention this. I do have a "duck tail" but I think I heard someone call it a "turtle tail" when I was a wee one. Someone mentioned the growth the other day and I just told them it was a "turtle tail" and he burst out laughing because he'd never heard of the name either. I googled it and it bothered me to no end that the term "turtle tail" didn't exist. Glad to see someone else addressing it and giving it the respect it deserves. Even though you recommend ways to cut out the "problem". :-)

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